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Drug Conviction July 4, 2024

The Impact of a Drug Conviction on Your Future

In Tennessee there are five types of drug charges, if you are facing any of the five below you may want to contact a criminal defense attorney to help you navigate through this difficult time. 

The five types of drug charges are:

  • Simple possession or casual exchange 
  • Possession with intent to distribute 
  • Sale of a controlled substance 
  • Drug trafficking or conspiracy 
  • Drug Manufacturing 

While some states it is legal to use medical or recreational marijuana in, it’s important to remember Tennessee is not one of those states. 

Immediate Legal Penalties of Drug Convictions 

Drug convictions can result in massive fines anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000 and face up to 25 years of imprisonment. The more severe the charge, the more severe the consequences.

Severe drug charges may result in felony convictions that carry multiple consequences aside from possible imprisonment and fines. 

If facing a felony conviction you may experience:

  • Loss of voting rights
  • The ability to own a firearm
  • Difficulty in obtaining a visa or traveling to other countries like Mexico or Canada.

Travel Restrictions 

If a person has a felony conviction in Tennessee, this may have an impact on whether they are allowed to have a passport. It is important to keep in mind that a felony conviction does not prevent everyone from getting a passport. Speaking with an experienced drug conviction attorney will help to better understand your rights.

Government Employment 

Believe it or not, you are able to work for the government if you have a criminal record. Most federal jobs don’t include questions about your criminal history in the initial job application. However, if you receive a conditional offer of employment, you'll need to complete a Declaration for Federal Employment. Federal jobs typically perform a routine background check before completing the hiring process. Having a drug conviction on your record may hinder job opportunities.

Immigration Impacts of Drug Charges 

Drug charges can have serious consequences for anyone, but immigrants face particularly harsh penalties. A conviction for a crime considered "moral turpitude" by immigration law could result in deportation or other immigration problems.

Deportation: This is the most severe consequence as it forces you to leave the United States and potentially separate you from your family.

Difficulty obtaining a green card: If you have yet to receive your permanent resident status, having a drug conviction may hinder your eligibility.

Loss of existing green card: While deportation is the harshest conviction, you may have your permanent resident status revoked as well.

Naturalization delays or denials: A drug conviction could significantly delay the naturalization process for becoming a United States citizen.

Facing Drug Charges? The Law Office Of Douglas K Dennis is Here to Help

Are you facing drug charges and need legal guidance? Contact The Law Office of Douglas K. Dennis at (931) 322-4967 for your free consultation today. Our team of attorneys are skilled and knowledgeable, they will dedicate their time, efforts and resources to defending you and ensuring your rights were not violated during this case. We understand the intricate legal system and will ensure your outcome is the most favorable outcome.

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